Search mac address in dhcp server

RARP is deprecated. I inserted your comment. How would you use RARP?

Configure DHCP Server 2016 Filters

Any standard windows commands that would be capable? But maybe I can get that access. DNS server: no.

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Address Monitoring Tools

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How To: Find a Rogue DHCP Server on your network

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is controlled by a server. A router can be a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server, and on most home networks, serves this purpose.

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This might be confusing because the word dynamic is in the term, but just because DHCP is enabled on a computer doesn't mean it can't be assigned a static IP. Ever print to a network printer? Ever wonder how that printer keeps its network assignment?

RedRat | Device Manager

Each network device has a MAC address. MAC address based filtering will allow the network administrator to ensure that only a known set of devices in the system are able to obtain an IP Address from the DHCP. This DLL will help administrators enforce additional security into their network.

Either allow, or deny, specific MAC Addresses.

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It cannot do both. When installing, both the dll MacFilterCallout.

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