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It is possible to restore a Mac without a recovery partition, but it can be tricky especially on older Macs. You have a few approaches available:. Most people don't really think about hard drives in terms of partitions and volumes. They just see the whole drive as one thing.

A hard drive is typically a single volume, but it is then split up into multiple areas, known as "partitions". Think of your hard drive as the house, and the partitions as different rooms. You're used to only seeing one room in the house, the one which has your Desktop, Folders and Applications.

But there are actually four partitions, and one is used in extreme cases where you may want to completely reinstall the operating system macOS or Mac OS X on older Macs. Even if you completely wipe your Mac, and start again from scratch, the Recovery partition should still be there to make it possible to reinstall macOS, restore from your Time Machine nbackup, and repair or erase your hard disk.

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We look at what you can do in Recovery mode in detail here. It's a problem if you need to reinstall the operating system from scratch and the Recovery partition is missing.

A problem, but luckily there are solutions available. Back in the days before Mac OS X Lion launched in there wasn't a Recovery partition, instead you needed to have a physical disc with the software on it and an optical drive to insert it into. These days it's rare to find a Mac with a optical drive, let alone find someone who has their original discs - not that Macs have shipped with install discs in recent times.

We'll look at what to do if you fit into this category later in this article.

What is Mac Recovery Mode?

First you should check that your Mac definitely hasn't got a working Recovery partition. It's possbile that you have been using the wrong key combination, or that your keyboard wasn't working, for example. If your Mac does boot into MacOS then you can at least check Terminal to see if you have a recovery partition, here's how to do that:.

You should see a list of all the volumes and partitions on your computer.

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Try using the Command-R process again. Okay, so either your Recovery Partition is missing, or doesn't work and you've tried everything. So it's time to look at reinstalling macOS without it.

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First, if it's an option here, you should take time to back up up your Mac using Time Machine. This will enable you to restore all your files, folders and apps once you've reinstalled macOS. The first approach is to use a feature called Internet Recovery. Newer Macs are able to boot directly from an internet connection, even with no Recovery partition available. This incredibly useful service can be a real lifesaver and deserves credit for saving countless iPhones, but many of the best features are behind a paywall.

Only premium subscribers to ReiBoot can access safe downgrading, changing pass-codes and backing up of information. Despite this, the basic version is still powerful enough in emergency situations for most users. ReiBoot is powerful self-service iPhone recovery service which combines automatic fixes with simple operation. Quite useful solution when i can't get access to iphone recovery mode.

What is Recovery Mode

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Command R not working! How to reinstall MacOS if Recovery won't work

Softonic review ReiBoot is a free iPhone recovery service. Self service help As anyone who has had issues with their iPhone before can testify, frozen and locked screens can often result in a reset and losing data or a long trip to the Apple store. Back to life ReiBoot is powerful self-service iPhone recovery service which combines automatic fixes with simple operation.

No need to worry about data loss or damage.

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  • Completely free. It will not clear data and do any harm to your device. Unlike Apple iTunes, which forces you to restore your device and delete all data.

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    Work for all iOS devices. Compatible quite well on Mac OS X Supports iOS 8.