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Hook up with experienced dubstep producers who are willing to show you the ropes and teach you about the software and how to use it. Build a library of samples. Samples can be found with a quick Internet search, your own field recording sessions, or you can spend money and invest in a few sample libraries for a wealth of high-quality sounds to play with. Organize them into categories you'll be able to remember and start making music with song fragments that catch your ear.

Consider getting an external hard drive on which to keep your samples.

Organize them into practical categories like "acoustic drums" "spoken word" and "synth sounds" or by textural descriptions to keep things interesting. Maybe label your categories "spacey" or "gnarly" to start combining interesting textures with your samples when you make music. Go old school and start crate-digging for used vinyl and convert your analog samples to digital. Seek out old songs that you've always loved and sample the hook from them. Practice building drum beats. Typically, you'll set the tempo when you start a new track and the software will manipulate any preset beats or other effects to match the intended tempo of the song you're working on.

If you're working with your own samples, though, this won't work, so it helps to get familiar with the way creating a beat works. Beat tracks are made by organizing some combination of kick, snare, and hi-hat sounds into a base rhythm from which you'll build. Choose a kick sample and boost the bass and punch, or layer 3 different kick samples together to get that distinctive Dubstep kick sound. Dubstep tempos generally hover around bpm. You don't have to stick to that, but dubstep songs don't generally fall below or Practice your wobble.

One of the most distinctive elements of dubstep music is the iconic wobbly bass tone, which is typically recorded using a MIDI keyboard or synth and composing a simple bassline yourself. Many free synths can be found online, or you can invest in a professional synth package like Native Instrument's Massive or Rob Papen's Albino 3. Wobbles usually take a little tweaking and synth understanding to get right, but most synths come with pre-made "patches" which you can browse though and choose from. Start adding effects and layers. When you get more experienced, start double-tracking each wobble and adding other delays, distortions, and effects to create a collage tapestry that is a piece of electronic music.

Double track your wobbles into the top end and the clean subs at the bottom. When you start distorting and running the top end through a whole bunch of effects to dirty it up, it muds up the bottom end if it's not separated.

Take your bass patch, copy the entire track with the synth on it, and then on the copy, use only one oscillator and change it to a sine wave. Then high pass the top end using an equalizer at around 70 Hz and low pass the sub at around 78 Hz.

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Get some variations in your bass sounds by bouncing your samples to audio, tweaking the synth a little bit, and bouncing it back. Do it a few times, and you've got a library of bass wobbles that all follow the same bassline. You can further expand on this idea by running them all through different effects chains. Part 2 Quiz How should you organize your sample library? With practical categories titled "heavy drums" or "soft piano.

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With textured categories like "rough" or "sharp. With style categories like "aggressive" or "bumped. However you want. Build from the ground up. Start with the beat.

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Many dubstep tracks start with a very subtle beat, incorporating a few simple drum sounds and gradually and steadily building up until the beat drops. After the pause, the main melody, bassline, and beat come in. Choose a snare sample or layer 3 together to get a big and deep sound. Also search out any other percussion sounds you'd like in the beat. The typical bass, snare, cymbals, toms, and cowbell will suffice, or you can create a completely unique beat by choosing less obvious samples.

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Try a gun shot, a stadium foot stomp, a clap, a car sound. Dubstep percussion has a lot of presence to it so feel free to mess with reverb and effects on the samples. Now program that beat! Create a memorable melody. You can most likely use the same synth to create your melody sound or sample. Either browse the pre-made patches or start tweaking to get the sound you're thinking of.

Hum it out before you start recording.

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Figure out the notes using your piano, keyboard, guitar, or any other instrument you'd like to write music on and record the idea. While dubstep doesn't layer sounds to the extent of some other genres, it may be a good idea to add extra layers over your melody. Even if they mimic other patterns very closely, you will be able to add layers as you get closer to the drop, creating excitement. Break it down. A must-do in any attempt at a classic dubstep track is what is affectionately known as the "drop. Go wild. This is basically a digital, machine-like guitar solo that gets people on the dance floor going crazy.

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Build up to the drop and play tricks on people by dropping it in an unexpected place or by adding an extra beat here or an extra wobble there. One of the cool things about dubstep is keeping the beat kind of loose and unexpected. It stays on beat but never lands in the same place every time, keeping the beat evolving and exciting. Be creative.

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Recreate what you hear in your head. Sometimes what you stumble upon while trying to recreate what you hear in your head can actually be better, so feel free to run with it if it sounds good, even if it wasn't your original idea. If the idea was that great, it'll come back to you. Maximize it. Have a professional mix the track it's well worth the dough or go the quick and easy route - add a maximizer to compress and boost all the levels.

You'll achieve a more radio-friendly volume. Part 3 Quiz True or False: A classic dubstep song should have a drop. True Correct! False Nope!

You could upload them to music labels or you could upload them to sites like YouTube or SoundCloud. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful Not Helpful 3 Helpful Not Helpful 5 Helpful I don't want to use any packs, but rather create all the noises by myself. Can somebody tell me how I can make dubstep noises without a sample pack? Ferner kann nur ein Ausgabekanal aktiviert werden und das Effekt-Repertoire ist beschnitten. Die kostenpflichtige Version haben wir hier getestet. Zum Cross-iOS Test, bitte hier entlang.