How to mount usb device on mac

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Your option then is to try using data recovery software to get beyond the corruption and retrieve whatever files you can and then reformat the drive so it can be used. I had this same issue…and tried a lot of the prescriptions out there: manually mounting the drive through terminal, repairing the drive through Disk Utility, etc…but was never able to get my drive to mount on a mac.

In the end I copied my material to another drive, reformatting the original drive exfat on a Mac, then copying the original material back over which I realize with a 10TB drive is not ideal or maybe not even an option…. Maybe this is common knowledge to people?

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  6. If it helps, I am using an adaptor to convert the usb 3. Thank you very much! Rydia April 19, , pm 2. Thank you, I did what you said but i still cannot mount my drive.

    macos - How can I get the mount path of a USB device on OSX? - Super User

    Both Windows and Mac OS said no problem found from the disk. Rydia October 16, , pm 4. I checked formatting exfat from a mac and it defaults to allocation size of 64kb. I was hoping there was another way though, I should have mentioned that in the question.

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    For example, what happens on an OSX system with another language? I cannot grep 'Mount Volume' on a french system I suppose.. This is a dependable solution then. Thank you!

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    And how would you use fstab for this, exactly? Note that the user's problem comes from the default mount point already being in use due. I ended up using this bash script :!

    This was last September, and nobody's commented on it yet? Blakat The device node is not what the OP was asking for. DannyRe DannyRe 1, 1 1 gold badge 8 8 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges. Can you add a few sentences to explain how this works?


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    The grep -E flag is superfluous here and the grep is useless because Awk already knows quite well how to match a regular expression. Stephen Rauch 2, 8 8 gold badges 18 18 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges. Dennis Eisen Dennis Eisen 1. Why might that work better? Dennis, welcome to Super User. A couple of the other answers aren't good examples, but the goal of answers is to educate rather than just provide cut and paste code. I'm not a coder, so I can't address how good your solution might be, but I suspect bertieb's comment, and perhaps the downvote, go to the fact that this is just unexplained code, rather than to the quality of solution.

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