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One simple, convincing, and perfectly logical reason: Because we can. That being said, the program actually works.

I have tested some transactions see the screenshots later and encountered no errors. I am also assuming that the Linux ABI support is available and works.

Building an SAP GUI installer for macOS

If you need help with these steps, the appropriate handbook section might help. Without question, the main challenge for deployment here is going to be the Java component. Instead, they must be downloaded and installed separately. Once the Packages project opens, click on the Project tab. The information you need is in Chapter 4 — Configuring a project.

Next, click on the Settings tab. In the case of my project, I want to install with root privileges and not require a logout, restart or shutdown.

Require admin password for installation should be checked Relocatable should be unchecked Overwrite directory permissions should be unchecked Follow symbolic links should be unchecked. If not already selected, select the preinstall script and add it to the project. If not already selected, select the postinstall script and add it to the project.

Build the package.


The information you need is in Chapter 3 — Creating a raw package project and Chapter 10 — Building a project. Once the package has been built, test it by installing it on a test machine which has the following:. If a templates.

Depending on whether Java is installed on this test machine or not, the following actions should take place:. All properties sections are totally collapsed by default and their state gets reset every time the window is re-painted. Very annoying. If you were to right click the context node in the views context, you might expect to se a context menu giving you the relevant context manipulation choices.


However this is not the case as nothing shows up! This is a complete show stopper as there is no other way to get to these functions. There is still a way to go for SAP before they have a working client on other platforms than Windows, or at least one that can be used for development.

Perhaps SAP should make a native client for Mac as well?

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If you try, please let us know about the results. But we will never see another one. Especially when the majority of functionality is achieved with the Java GUI. Please, think in java! I was talking about that Eclipse Editor -;.

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Former Member. October 29, 3 minute read. Follow RSS feed Like. To set the record straight, I have to say I had been warned a lot against choosing the Mac platform because of the lacking platform support from SAP.

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I my opinion, the Mac is a superior platform in every way, and since it can run a virtualised MS Windows installation simultaneously by the help from VMWare, I decided that lacking support from SAP was not going to prevent me from using the best platform ever. Here is hvat you need to do: After installing Gui for Java, run it and click the New button. It should look something like this: Click the advanced tab and check the check-box saying user expert…. The function builder The function builder also work OK.