Update mac os x 10.8.5

Hope some of the above suggestions help with your predicament. Male Location: Lee's Summit Missouri Local time: Model Name: Edited by britechguy, 30 August - Redacted Serial Number. Posted 30 August - Do you have access to the Apple-ID associated with the upgrade?

Mac OS Sierra Upgrading, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 To 10.12.6

If you can, use that Apple ID to log in and update to the latest version. For this to work, you must make a backup using Time Machine to another disk Instructions Here.

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This likely will not work so I put it in spoilers instead. Do you have access to the Snow Leopard install disc? It should have come with your iMac. Spoiler After you have made a backup using Time Machine , restart your computer and hold Command-R keys. You will see the Recovery. Note that this image is from the latest version of macOS from Apple's website so yours will look slightly different as you are using Mountain Lion. From there, click Disk Utility, select your disk the top one, not the indented one on the sidebar. Click on Erase tab. For the Name tag, fill in "Macintosh HD" without quotes.

After you have erased your disk, click on Reinstall OS X. Once this has finished, you can use Migration Assistant to copy over your files from your Time Machine backup.

Can't Update my Software because of Apple ID CATCH 22

Then, upgrade to High Sierra the latest version. Posted 01 September - Thanks for all your trouble however, I think things are resolved, more or less, finally.

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I'm sorry I didn't get here with this information before you took so much time and care entering your advice. I'm leaving a rather lengthy record even though this is an abbreviated verson of my trials here of the past two days for posterity sake should any other poor slob such as I come here seeking a FIX for this problem APPLE policy has caused. They should be prepared for a complicated road. I had to start over when Rep 1 failed to call me back after a brief interval so I could connect my Apple Keyboard.

So on to Rep 2 I reiterated all the gory details of the goings on with Rep 1 Rep apparently left no notes. ANYWAY, Thankfully he did not "dilly dally" in connecting me with his supervisor who after 40 minutes or so monkeying around further with the process said that I was eligible for free updates to the latest system but that I would have to take it in to my local Apple Store's Genius Bar. She said that my computer had all the components and memory etc.

During these many hours with Apple on the phone I must have entered my Apple ID, my password, and my security question answers about 20 or 25 times not exagerating. Updated from Windows are never so contrived, complicated and time consuming.

Upgrading from Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

So this evening Friday I did take my computer in to the Apple Store and it appears to have been updated. While the update was in process I amused myself by checking out all the new stuff expensive beyond my wildest dreams stuff. Eventually I went to inquire if my computer was finished but everyone seemed to have disappeared and I found my computer on the counter with my name on it so I took it home and just now got it reconnected.

The problem, it seems, began in when someone blocked my Apple ID at the time for security reasons which I can't comprehend 4 years later but anyway it is further complicated by this policy just implemented by Apple which I found online - a policy I think "sucks" but anyway here it is straight from Apple's site: As a result of the changes, you will no longer be able to change your Apple ID payment information from devices using the following versions of Apple software: If you're using one of these versions on your device and need to change your payment method 2 , update your device to the latest version of the software.

Good to know that your issue has been resolved and thank you for letting us know how to fix it, in case someone else may be affected by it. Posted 02 September - Actually you had some good, sound advice in your response to me.

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It will be night and day difference between a freshly installed os and just an update. The upgrade is quite a jump. Personally I would backup important files to external hard disk and prepare for a clean install. Here is a guide for that: That second part would be super easy to do at an Apple store once your backup is completed!

Make sure you’re ready to upgrade.

Be sure you want to update and realize that after this year, you will not be updating ever again on that machine if you wish to keep bit software. Mojave will in the future begin compromising bit applications as Apple transitions to bit only.

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My brothers 13" mbp was running He had an SSD installed, but it took hours. I was surprised it worked.

How do I install OS X (Mountain Lion)?

Several reboots, a couple of firmware updates, we did it from the app store, but it did the whole shebang. I've had other machines that I've tried to update directly to High Sierra from usb drive and it will bork up, usually because there is an intermittent firmware update that is needed. So my plan B that has worked is update them to Sierra, and then to High Sierra. I think you can upgrade to el capitan from mac app store. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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ARCHIVED: How do I install OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)?

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