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You can find some by searching on google, take the one that fit for you. Here is one: This is only if you're a Android user. You can use an application called "Bluestacks" as this mobile gaming platform is used for playing games usually made for mobile devices and put on a PC.

You can download it here and login to your Google Play account: Other wise if you are not a Android User and you are an IOS person you can still play Clash of Clans but will not be your usual village as you are not logged into your Google Play Account. If it was google account then it could have been possible but as it is an ios account there is not way you can go to pc with that as there are no ios emulator that can do it.

Just open COC on iphone and link it to a google account and then come back to pc and use any emulator that you like and enjoy the game on pc. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. My IOS mobile Device fell and broke. Is there any way to use my Clash of Clans account on my laptop instead of my phone.

Now, you have the you have to download Clash of Clan using the AppStore. Finally, connect your brand new fake phone into GameCenter and your account should be back! Jouramie Jouramie 1, 6 14 This is only if you're a Android user You can use an application called "Bluestacks" as this mobile gaming platform is used for playing games usually made for mobile devices and put on a PC You can download it here and login to your Google Play account: When you install Bluestacks and install clash of clans it will be added to your games and if you use google play then you can log into your account to use the village.

How to: sync Clash of Clans between Android and iOS devices

Do you have an IOS device that was currently destroyed? If so I will try to help. Dec 11, 9: Dec 15, 7: Thank you xcfdanyboy; however, I already checked out this guys youtube video blip.

The problem for me is I do not have a google account, and will never voluntarily give google any information about me that would be needed to secure a google account. I do not even visit youtube using the traditional internet WWW.

What is Clash Of Clans?

I have not and will never again trust google after they released their updated "privacy" policy on March 1 or I do not even their search engine any more sadly because I loved it. Nope, the 2nd suggestion also requires me to divulge info to google. Thank you again for both of your suggestions, they will just not work for me. I guess I may be relegated to playing on my Lady's game on her Ipad unless I buy my own Ipad some day. Who knows. Apr 9, 3: Firstly i tried to start CoC in bluestacks for mac, due to old version of android version i didnt work.

Then I installed windows in parallels and installed in bluestacks for windows, downloaded apk of CoC Jun 6, How to install CoC on Mac. Jul 25, 8: I found this amazing guide on web which might help you with this process on how to play Clash of Clans on Mac. I never could figure out how to use Bluestacks, or Geny motion. One requires some Google product, and the other said it was for PC.

How to Download Clash Royale and Clash of Clans on Macbook Free

In reference to your recent post krim, thank you for responding but the artickle you reference is not for a Mac. It is regarding how to play CoC on PC. Thank you guys anyway. Feb 12, I have been having the same problem. I can't use genymotion on my mac and blue stacks makes my mac very laggy.

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Feb 12, 6: It's a small download as compared to Xcode. You can then download anything on the Emulator by connecting your Mac to WiFi and turning on WiFi in the Emulator and using it just like any other normal android tab. You have to find a workaround at the beginning on how to transfer files from your mac to the Android Emulator if you are going to use an already saved. Don't ever download bluestack android Emulator they still have to work a lot on their product to make it reach the level of Andy.

You can get Andy here. I'm sure what you are looking for is an iOS emulator to play those games. May 15, 9: So I search it on google and read a lot and watch a lot on youtube. You can make a lot of changes in your Google account settings. Communities Contact Support.

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