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However, the 4th and 5th most visited social media sites differ—suggesting Sephora may have more success partnering with influencers on Instagram, whereas MAC may consider Twitter advertising or further promoting their Tumblr page. Both MAC and Sephora loyalists have ethical and eco-friendly mindsets which impact their attitudes and purchase behaviors.

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As fledgling cosmetics brands emerge and more established brands attempt to re-invent themselves, the global beauty industry will only become more competitive. It is more imperative than ever for cosmetics brands to identify the unique attributes of their own audience, while understanding how to distinguish from or even partner with established beauty brands like Sephora.

In the case of MAC, they have found their niche with mobile-friendly Gen X women, who are eco-friendly, social media savvy and discerning about the products they buy. Demographic, social and mobile data for Maccosmetics. Visit share data pulled over the month of January, A Digital Marketing Perspective Content marketing is considered one of the most important components of….

Attitudes and behaviours of the health-conscious consumer Health awareness and diet trends are an integral…. Win at affiliate relationships, co-branding, and social influencers In the digital era, brands not only…. Amazon vs. Top 50 Retailers Prime Day was another record-breaking success for Amazon. Dig down into the core segments of the Back to School shoppers Each family has…. Digital Tactics for Retailers and Brands has been tough on retailers and brands. MAC vs. Sephora Makeup Audiences: Find Out More. From my past purchases, their studio brushes are great, and so are their mineral lipsticks.

If you have any questions about Elf, I'm the one who will give you the answers, ha! For more variety I would say Sephora would be the way to go. They carry a wide variety of makeup brands but the Makeup they carry is probably just as expensive as MAC. If you are just staring out your might want to take a trip to the drugstore. There are some great drugstore brands that are great additions to any makeup collection.

Elf and Wet n Wild are examples of inexpensive brand that give you alot of bang for your buck. My advice is do a little bit of homework before you head out to the store so you have an idea of what you want. I agree with everyone who has commented before me. Sephora has an amazing array of cosmetics from all types of prices and brands. MAC has a great variety, but some items that aren't as affordable compared to others products that Sephora carries.

MAC vs. Sephora Makeup Audiences: Battle of the Beauty Brands

I would definitely try drugstore products as well. Watch as many youtube videos and get the opinions from the gurus and see what they rate products as well. Like Linda D.


Sephora is amazing though, and a really nice brand they carry there is Nars. The cosmetics by Sephora are great too! I agree with Samantha S. Both lines are great but for different things. I love MAC shadows, you can tell the difference in pigmentation when you compare them to cheaper alternatives like Coastal Scents palettes but I'm NOT a huge fan of their foundations. It left my skin feeling dried out, smelled weird, and cause me to break out too. Some of them -- namely the brushes -- are on par with Sephora prices.

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That said, my answer is BOTH. MAC has some fantastic eyeshadows with tons of colours to choose from. Ditto for lipsticks and blushes. You'll find some steals there, too. Overall, though, it's up to you determine which products work best for you. Some of them may be from MAC. Some of them may be from brands sold at Sephora. I love Sephora. You get a wide variety of brands and products to choose from. Your dollar can go along way there.

I agree with Linda G and everyone else who has posted. Sephora offers more of a variety, M. You may find a line you like over the other, if you chose M.

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If you have an Ulta near you, check them out! They carry both the higher end brands along with drug store make-ups and of course NYX! Sephora and Ulta if you have one near you.

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Sephora has a huge selection which is great. MAC seems to always be the go to line for a lot of people but I personally think that it is overrated, not to mention over priced. There are so many great lines out there other then MAC. Sephora can be expensive but atleast you have many brands at your fingertips. For makeup lovers I agree with the people above It is inexpensive so if you dont love it, its not a big deal. I normally research the product ahead of time google it If you are in search of inexpensive makeup brushes try ELF Studio.

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They are fantastic. Oh and I agree with nicole P. Hi loves. I am a makeup artist at Sephora. You can call me biased. However, I am a regular consumer like everyone else. So I'm not advertising by any means. I pick and choose from different lines.. But I do like Sephora because you have such a variety. The variety of lines Sephora carries does range in price as well. Different brands pinpoint different skin types, finishes, ingredients IE: I adore Sephora!! I love the fact that when I go into the store the regular staff is all jazzed - and offer great suggestions based on what I like!!

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I know that Ulta is supposed to be the same kind of store but I've yet to find an employee who has any in depth knowledge about what they are selling. MAC is Okay, on the subject of grocery store brands I really do see a difference in terms of the quality.