Battlenet launcher not working mac

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Aratil 0 Jul 11, Since updating to Mojave, the right half of my screen is black. Launcher not working - GeForce Forums

If i join single player and change my resolution to low, I can see the full screen, but the resolution is bad. I already have deleted all D2 files and reinstalled LOD. Just downloaded latest patch and problem still persist.

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Can someone please help!? OttoVonBizzl 0 1d. I am playing and all of a sudden I get my game freezing, with no error message or stuff like this. Just freeze I can still select my characters but cannot move them or save the game.

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It is quite annoying. Please help me on this. Command TAB doesn't work. D2 froze on my one time and I couldn't get out of the screen. Had to force shut-down.

Also, when will an update come with bug fixes? When the patch download is complete the screen goes grey and BNUpdate error window pops up to say: The version of the game you have installed is more up to date than this patch. File name: I've tried a fresh install and rebooting and also different servers but no luck. Can someone help to troubleshoot this please? Baboutsosika 12 1d. Warcraft3 won't play in the macOS Mojave ver.

Please fix it.

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JamesChoi 0 2d. The 1. Diablo II only launches to play about 1 in 30 start attempts.

When launching the "Diablo II. I leave the "Send to Blizzard" check box enabled and close out the window. Game does not launch; no error message. Thank you. won't open

TheCatalyst 9 4d. All it does when I try to open it is just sit there in the task manager but not in the normal place but in the background processes and just mass Blizzard Update Agent, like over whenever I try to open it and i have no clue what to do anymore. Demtor 1 4d. Initial install worked fine and game launches. Upon connection to battle net the updater triggers, proceeds to try to update and then hangs. It must be force quit and then D2 does not launch.

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Feb 5 Starcraft BW update 1. However when I start the game I get the notification that I need 1. I'm currently on Mac OS X BouBro 2 Feb 5. Feb 1 Cant install anything on MacOS I get this message everytime. Chippington 1 Feb 1. After 1st player drops for the other players then someone else mac user get the freeze, until everyon has to drop but 1 or 2 players. Tried playing with video settings, LAN settings, but this only happens on certain custom maps the bigger the map its easier this issue to happen.

If i play the same map with the issue but with 3 players no one freeze. Sry for my bad english but i hope you can understand most of the issue im having Tested on macbook pro , , imac , imac pro, etc.


Jan 27 Bug Report: Profile - iMac 18,3, 5K 27" Retina Display. One for Windows 7 Pro SP-1 x One 1TB Partition - Games. It wasn't until the last two weeks that I've been able to really get back into my Games. I thought, " I noticed that at night it 'softened' the brightness and modified the colors of the Display to be 'easier' on the eyes.

I really liked the feature. In the last week, I got to play StarCraft: It happened again tonight, of course, right after sunset , so, I Saved my Game exited the Game, and started diagnosing the issue. SO, what was the issue??? It hit me tonight!!! R Bug, or both???

Stuck on Starting the Blizzard Desktop App

I hope this helps others here. TL TimeLord04 1 Jan After the update was finished the migration of the profile data wouldn't work. After skipping this i mentioned the resolutions wasn't the native mac resolution and these wouldn't be able to choose anymore. As this wasn't sad enough every time i hit the "Battle. Mac Technical Support. Ismat-suramar Ismat Since yesterday, the World of Warcraft page on my Blizzard Battle. I still have the bar with "Games", "Social", etc. The standard background for Battle of Azeroth is still present, but much darker than before, as though there's a slightly translucent black overlay on top of it.

Quitting and restarting the launcher hasn't fixed the problem, nor has rebooting my computer. I can still launch World of Warcraft manually and I have no current need to adjust options or change my account settings. Also, a game update occurred yesterday evening after this problem started, so I know those are still working.

So this isn't an urgent issue, but I'm still concerned. Any tips about how I might fix this? In the window that appears, find the Battle. Then, restart your Battle. This should hopefully solve your issues! Though these programs are generally vital to the security of your computer, sometimes they can be slightly overprotective, and end up blocking virtually any program that tries to connect to the internet.

Unfortunately, they may sometimes block your client, with the result that your Battle. There are two types of potential issues that may cause issues with your Battlenet launcher: If this is the case, you may wish to try one of the following fixes: In much the same vein as using an unstable internet connection, using a proxy may cause you issues connecting to the Battlenet server, meaning that Battlenet will not start.