Turn off narrator mac os x

The directions on my MAC did not help me, but this did.

I appreciate getting my computer back. Glad to have it back now.

How to disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) - MacOs (Mac OS X)

Thank you very very very much…. I though I got a virus and intended to get it thrown away…. Thank you for the simple fix!

Turn Off Speaking on Startup?

I tried almost every key combination on the keyboard to swap from screen to screen in a Citrix Application. I wish I could claim it was my cat. I agree that the person who shared this solution is holy -: You are all holy too! Thank you!!! Thank you so very much, my son hit my glass of water and I worried the keyboard was water logged but this voice activation came on.

How to Turn Off VoiceOver on Mac OS X: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

Thank you for helping me resolve this issue so easily. My toddler got hold of my computer!

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Thank you so much for helping get rid of the crazy voice!!! In my case it was active only on the login screen I have multiple users. Thank you, Thank you. I followed your first instruction and managed to turn off the voice and the text border. The voice was driving me crazy. I felt so happy and accomplished when I fixed this. I was so confused! OMG a lot of people saying that their cats did it… well count me in!!!

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  • Pssssssst ....

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If you liked this post, subscribe to our FREE email updates here: VoiceOver is a powerful accessibility tool for users who are blind or have vision difficulties. One of the many features that VoiceOver offers is automatically reading on-screen text aloud with a computerized voice.

How Do I Turn Off Dictation In OS X?

Some VoiceOver users may find that they do not need this text-to-speech function turned on. Other users may have accidentally enabled VoiceOver and wish to turn it off. Open the "System Preferences" menu. Select "Universal Access.

If you wish to simply turn off VoiceOver, click the "Off" radio button beneath the "VoiceOver" heading. If you wish to leave VoiceOver running but want to change the speech settings, click the "Open VoiceOver Utility" button. Gavrish received a bachelor's degree in journalism from Boston University.

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Skip to main content. Select the "Seeing" tab at the top of the window. References 1 Apple Help: Learning VoiceOver Basics. About the Author Bennett Gavrish is an I.