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On a fully equipped Mac Pro with a high-end graphics board, or on one of the new MacBook Pros with plenty of RAM, that isn't a problem, but DirectX support limitations will still hold you back. A few added enhancements to Parallels improve your ability to share files between operating system environments.

If you click on a file icon and choose the 'Open With Choose one, and the file opens in the correct OS.

Parallels Coupon & Promo Codes

You can drag and drop files between Mac and Windows folders. And with the new Parallels Explorer, you don't have to start your virtual machine to access a file on the Windows side of your drive; you can simply navigate to the file and drag it to the Mac desktop. System-level enhancements include the new Snapshot feature, which lets you save and restore your Windows environment at a certain point. Also, we found that USB device support worked much better than in the first version of Parallels that we reviewed.

Parallels Coupons & Promo Codes

Parallels 3. Parallels' real strength is its ability to share files between two simultaneously running OSs. Version 3. At a Glance. The prices displayed below are the final prices for most shoppers with the code.

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