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Best Keylogger For Mac

Moreover, TextExpander empties its cache whenever you type the spacebar. Thus, TextExpander hardly ever remembers more than 20 characters of what you most recently typed. Do you think the textexpander product has the capabilities to be adapted into a keylogger? You are very close to my original solution. I recommend Typinator as a far more bug free and reliable text expansion solution I own licenses to both and started on TextExpander.

That said, what I am using now is BackTrack. If I ever run into performance issues with BackTrack I do have a backup solution in place. As a security professional, installing a keylogger on your machine in order to guard against data loss, even for real-time protection in a web form, is just a straight-up bad idea. If your goal is to save webform data upon browser crashing, a quick Goog search turns up this FF addon: addons. Thanks for your comments. In my case, all my passwords, etc. Having webforms in Firefox is irrelevant for live typing into comment fields and online writing tools.

I still think physical security of the machine is the most important aspect of security. If any malware or hacker has access to your machine, you are really not safe no matter what you do even if you take the risk of an encrypted drive: encryption seriously complicates and compromises backup and often performance. So while I understand why you think so, I have to disagree and insist that a good keylogger is an essential tool of the modern internet warrior.

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Digital sentry was the daily deal on maczot on 14th August Plus Kango use all kinds of strong arm marketing tactics. Actually, it sounds like you might work there or know the guys there pretty well. Some people here are questioning the usefulness of keylogging on the grounds that there are alternatives ways of saving written data. And if you are a really careful person then you might prefer to save every single thing you ever write to a text document before sending it on. Alec has already given examples of such occasions by explaining how it can save data lost as a result of accidentally clicking a link or pressing the back button, but for me it is even better because it makes a complete record of everything I have written since I last cleared the logs.

And all this is in one file, which is encrypted by default and which can have the location and name of the output changed to avoid malware and trojany things searching for logged data. I have been saved numerous times where there is no practical alternative way to save or where saving might not have seemed necessary at the time, or simply when I accidentally deleted a text file by mistake. Thanks for the thorough review!

Even searching for where I might have typed about a certain topic email, chat convo, forum, etc. Sure, I could extend my browser history, centralize all my conversations, or grow a larger memory sector of my brain instead of installing a key logger. But the reality is that there is a legitimate use for one on a personal computer.

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Longterm better solution would be firefox plugin so that keystroke recording took place only when using firefox. Maybe it would need to be code-signed. Source code is still available for logkext though no longer developed. If any reputable vendor with a real business put spyware into his or her software, the noise about it would destroy their business. There were a couple of similar incidents with very intrusive licensing and most companies were forced to back down and still see their reputation ruined. A pity about logkext.

BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger for Mac

I had to do a hard restart. You might want to update your link to backtrack. The link in the article is leading to something in icloud, where as it should be going to modesittsoftware. Link updated.

BackTrack remains great software and a phenomenal value. There appear to be issues for those with Microsoft applications installed. When have there not been? Is Microsoft logging all your keystrokes themselves to send to their own server? Windows is the original spyware. Interesting article. I agree with you about the quality of Backtrack. I know Bill was disappointed with sales of BackTrack as he should be, the software was three times as good and one fifth the price of its dubious spyware rivals.

My solution so far has been not to update from Snow Leopard. Staying on a stable OS with applications not needing updates or breaking has been a huge time saver. In particular, dealing with the changes and failures in Apple Mail would cause me a huge amount of pain. My inclination is more to move to Linux. I agree with Alec. I am also waiting with upgrade from Snow Leopard because of my need of BackTrack. However, if there was a key logger that would separate by documents and the log was so nice and clean I would like to go to Thanks, Pavel.

Thanks for your reviews. I have been using a reliable solution from Typinator for years who have requested I not publish the details. I imagine Ergonis is worried about potential misuse. There are laws regarding privacy in the EU. Please contact Ergonis directly. Ergonis is in this elite category. Thanks, Alec, for your speedy response.

I also like that it performs invisibly. I remember good old Thunder. Spell Catcher was always expensive I was young and legendary. Be sure to click the boxes for more details.

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Pierre Igot lamented the loss of both the man and the software. On the software side, Typinator does do the kind of correction and multilingual work, Pierre was seeking. Ergonis should contact the estate and make an offer to former Spell Catcher users. I started using SpellCatcher just after the Thunder days I think I might still have that spiral-bound 1. My first Mac, if memory serves, ran OS 8.

And M. To others reading this, Alec is on point: a keylogger is an indispensable tool, especially, e. Most of my Macs are on Snow Leopard still even though they can all run Yosemite.

Aobo Mac Spy Professional Keylogger

I agree with you about a keylogger to save work. Thanks, Alec. I somehow doubt that the current direction is what Steve Jobs had in mind. Excellent suggestion re Ergonis. I just might do that and recommend that others reading this do the same. Disable javascript in Safari and use it for general purpose browsing. Install Ghostery. As your main browsers you can use Chromium with the intention technology turned off which sends all your info to Google , also Ghostery and Quick Javascript Toggle default to off.