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The last release of Mac OS doesn't have the option to create a bootable USB from Bootcamp like previous versions, and it is a problem because that require uses other tools. I am updating this post today Dec 12, The reason is that I was only using UNetbootin to create the bootable USB, I will leave guide as a second method since it still working, and I will explain to you how you can create the bootable Windows USB without extra software. This step is the same for both methods.

You need to show all the devices in Disk Utility" before to start the process. Select your USB device in the list not the partition , right click and then click on the Erase option:. If for some reason it fails, probably is because MacOS still using the USB, just repeat the steps, but if you see a screen similar to above screen is because the operation is successful.

You also can format the USB from the terminal, but you have to take care to use the correct device because, if you use the wrong name you will lose everything.

How To Make a Bootable Ubuntu USB on Windows, Mac and Linux

This process is very easy doesn't require to install other software, and they are just a few steps:. UNetbootin is free software and it is also available for Windows and Linux. Always in Disk Utility, select the new partition that we created in the previous step, and click on the information button, it will give you the information about the new partition. It will have files and folders but especially a setup. The process is fully complete.

USB flash installation media

It's not an easy way to create a bootable disk without professional tool, right? No worries! Keep reading to know more. Step 1. Download, install and run 4WinKey for Mac to an accessible Mac machine. Wait for a moment, this Windows password recovery tool for Mac will pop up a window to alert it successful.

How to Easily Create a Linux Live USB in macOS - Make Tech Easier

All you need to do is follow the full process carefully so that you don't make any mistake. So it's definitely going to be useful to a tech geek like you!

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By the way, if you are interested in create Windows 10 bootable USB on Windows computer, just check out this post. Product-related questions? Part 1.

Here is how you can do it: Step 1. Download a Windows. Open Terminal and run command: diskutil list. Type it in and click on return. Step 8. Part 3. Free Download For macOS

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