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Pimp Your Old Mac Pro With a Fusion Drive

This Desktop HDD is the one drive for every desktop system need, supported by 30 years of trusted performance, reliability and simplicity. Now available in capacities up to 4TB, desktop HDDs are produced using the most sophisticated manufacturing process in the industry, with a focus on environmental stewardship. Built to Western Digital's highest standards of quality and reliability, WD HDDs offer features and capacities ideal for your computing needs.

Designed by the brand you trust with the quality you expect for a tested, proven, everyday storage solution, WD HDDs are available in a broad range of capacities, cache sizes, form factors, and interfaces - so you can find the perfect fit for your system. Internal Desktop Hard Drives.

HDD vs SSD MacBook Pro Comparison

Seagate 3. Prior to the acquisition, Anobit had been focused on making flash storage products for data center use manufactured out of consumer-grade NAND flash memory.

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Like other ECC technology, Anobit's MSP gives it a means of addressing the reliability issues that arise as solid-state memory components shrink in size. The smaller NAND flash systems get, the more chance there is that electrons will pass through thin cell walls and create data errors. Anobit has produced two generations of Genesis SSD technology. The purchase of Anobit addressed several issues for Apple.

Pimp Your Old Mac Pro With a Fusion Drive

For one thing, it freed the company from dependency on flash component makers such as Samsung and Intel , which lead the market in NAND flash production. And, it gave Apple access Anobit's ECC software, enabling the company to use the least expensive NAND flash while still maintaining high performance and endurance levels.

Laptops that sport two drives -- a high-capacity hard drive and a low-capacity solid-state "cache" drive -- are already shipping and are expected in droves with the release of ultrabooks.

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Also, cache SSDs come in several sizes. Most are 2. The cache SSD works in the same way as Seagate's Momentus XT: The operating system and the most frequently used applications are loaded from the flash memory, while files and other less frequently used data are stored on the HDD.

The result is a lower-cost computer with similar performance to a system with just a pure SSD. In fact, according to Intel's specifications, in order to be called an ulatrabook, a device must use either a cache SSD or a full-size SSD to achieve the required level of performance.

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