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You could opt for a RPM drive at a stiff price premium.

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As such, many Do It Yourselfer's opt to do thier own solid-state drive upgrade for Mac mini. More recent slimline models of the mini in and beyond are far more serviceable and easy to dissassemble than the original White, boxy ones. But with help from online How-To's and Mac take-apart videos anyone with the right tools, information and a steady hand can open their Mac mini, swap out their old drive and experience a huge leap in disk performance.

It's critical to know that the SATA SSD can be either a 9mm or 7mm thick drive to fit in in the minimal space allowed in the new slimline enclosure. SSD For Mac Mini Late Insights With the introduction of the Late Mac mini, Apple unfortunately has continued the overall trend of using new, different and unusually-shaped screwheads requiring specialized screw drivers to properly disassemble the newest Mac mini.

Mac mini Late 2012 Hard Drive Replacement

A specialized 'U' shaped metal wire logic board pry-out tool and a special, new "Security" driver will be needed for a hard drive to 7mm SSD swap. In addition to the standard 7mm 2.

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This model is so new, it'll be ahile before all the details of the exact flash storage hardware used in higher-end configurations. The Motherboard can stay in and I left the memory modules installed. BTW: A stiff business card or similar thin sheet can be an aid in positioning the drive to align the guide pins to the mating holes inside the mini case, that you can't see during the process.

Otherwise it takes a bit longer to boot. Later when OS X An SSD really makes a big difference you'll notice every time you use it.

Upgrade Mac mini to SSD (Late 2014/2015)

I'm reminded of typical comments like "feels like a new computer". Other upgrade options also available.

Can an external SSD match the Mac Mini's pricey inbuilt storage? | Technology | The Guardian

Although I didn't this time, in the future I may try setting up a Fusion drive. If the SSD had been smaller, I probably would have.

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