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This will launch the program, but you will have to look online for the Torrent you want. If you don't want to have that, make sure to read the small text during the installation and only check the boxes that are necessary for the installation. Visit the Torrent site you trust and search for the torrent you want. Type in the search bar the name of whatever you are trying to download. Make sure you are specific otherwise you might get some random results. Look at the list of Torrents available.

Have a look at the first few in the list.

The Pirate Bay: What It Is and How to Use It

Decide which one you would like based on the file size bigger files take longer to download but are better quality , and file type you need avi, mkv, mp4, etc. If you are unsure about which to pick, go with the one with the most seeds. Click on the file and have a look at the comments section. Check that people have commented saying that it works, is good quality, is the correct file, etc. If there are none or few comments, do not risk downloading it. Download the Torrent. You can do this by clicking the little magnet, or the link that says "Get this Torrent.

As you download the Torrent, you will begin to seed the parts of the file you have already downloaded. Wait for the Torrent to download completely. The download length will depend on both the size of the file and the number of "seeders" or people sharing the file. The more seeders, the faster a file will download as the torrent will take pieces of the file. Click on the "Completed" tab to find your file once it has downloaded. You can open the file by right-clicking and selecting show in finder or press the magnifying glass. If you downloaded a movie, right-click on the file and choose "Open With" and choose your preferred media player.

Use a uTorrent VPN for safe, fast downloading

Yes No. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Their ads were not a problem to me, and the comments helped those who knew the site and used the comments avoid "bad" files. In rural area like mine its next to impossible to get all those paid alternatives. I personally didn't even watch more than 1 out of 20 movies I found on there. Most were for family members who had kids and just wanted a "disposable" movie.

Maybe 2 or 3 were actual movie lovers who kept them safely stored, the rest were just wanting something to watch without having to go to theaters or wanted some obsolete movie. The only serious threat to an actors income is still people with duplicators and they are not illegal.

The real funny part of the raids is how TBP tried to negotiate a bandwidth barter that would have helped researchers but never came to fruition. Apparently artists or movie mogels were not willing to help science at the cost of a few legally traded movies, songs and software. Perhaps if TPB had tried to host only one or two types of media it may have worked out. The irony on my behalf is reassembling my XP PC to try and get my movie downloading started again just to find out my go to site is now gone.

I'll use another torrent hosting site but hate to see my old friend is down for a while. Hopefully it will be back up soon in another country. Nice advertisement for big online media companies like Valve, EA and Netflix disguised as an unbiased article. Be informed, and your privacy and safety haven't changed. TPB is more than just a website company, it's an idea.

Are torrents legal?

This idea has become a way of life for many and a regular activity by billions. Attacking the founders will only serve to strengthen TPB ideals as it did before. The world needs to change with the times. This is the information age. As long as people are allowed to be "free" on the internet, people will do what people do. We are wired to explore and discover, to share what we find, and to learn from others findings and creations. This would be extremely expensive You the tax payer or 2 relinquish copyright laws and information theft laws as well as the value of the dollar.

This could only work if we had a world living concept like "star trek" or some other futuristic perfect world. In conclusion, all of these attempts to target individuals or hardware in the hopes of stopping file sharing is as futile as the "War On Drugs" campaign.

Downloading Torrents: A Warning

We have bigger problems in this world to deal with. In Europe we have private trackers which are at least ten times safer than TPB. Stop crying after TPB when there are so many better and safer trackers.

How To Download Torrents From The Pirate Bay On Mac

The author is obviously lacking knowledge about the subject matter. Each time a major site i. Napster, LimeWire, etc. If anything, one might argue the longevity of TPB has held back the natural innovation pattern. It certainly wasn't the safest option if that is the author's primary concern. Other sites already have increased levels of security for less knowledgeable like the author end users. I suspect we will soon months see a leap forward in all of the above 3 attributes, leading towards a continuation of this never-ending battle. Regardless of which side you are on, the debate and battle is likely to continue for quite some time.

I think in that entire time, stretching back to my early teenage years, I've accidentally wound up with a sum total of virus problems that I can count on one hand, and for all the pain of a virus scan or boot into safe mode followed by a virus scan that this caused me, the pain it caused my conscience is far less. One of the happiest memories of my life was hooking up a new friend's external media drive to copy his stash over to mine, and finding my music that he'd downloaded off of kazaa on that drive.

Should I have been offended, and called the copyright cops on him for not paying me for those songs? No - because he'd never have found them if they hadn't been on p2p. I was grateful, I was flattered - I was appreciated by an audience, and if you're making art for some other reason then there's almost no chance that I'm going to wind up downloading it anyway.

Real art is about love of the craft, compensation is a side-benefit That being said, if you want to make a living as an artist, it is absolutely possible without being a corporate shill - just look at Cory Doctorow, for one fantastic example. If Metallica had always had the attitude they have now about their songs, no one would've ever heard of them - their rep was built from hard work and a dedicated fan community trading tapes.

Yeah, you might not make millions of bucks this new way, but are you really that greedy? Go get an executive job at an investment fund, weirdo. Copyright is over. My favorite bands are all people that I've spoken to - which is so much better than when they were ethereal figures I read about in magazines - and they've almost all given me permission to seed their work. It gets their music into the ears of people who would never hear it otherwise.

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These people then pay for hard copies, t-shirts, posters, etc; or just pass it along. The paradigm has shifted.

Those clinging to outdated content delivery systems are relics of the past, they simply don't know it yet. It's actually a bit sad. TPB's gone? I hadn't been told that. But if you know where to look, it's there. Watch the Freak. You think art should be free? Who is going to pay the people and fund the budget for your favorite movies? Evolve, love and live? You are very naive or a kid who never had a real job The budgets for our movies are ridiculous.

I really am not a huge fan of mainstream media because of that. Most of them are one-trick ponies, able to handle only one kind of a role. Not any more. Because of lack of talent and fickle public tastes, actors flame out after only a few years. The genie is out of the bottle. Now the pirate bay is the pirate world.


8 Best Pirate Bay Alternatives That Work in [& Are SAFE]

Some day it will be the pirate galaxy, and eventually the pirate universe. People are charged and taxed for the thoughts and expressions of others, per viewing. We will never evolve as a race if we keep feeding on each other. Charging each other for intellectual property means only the rich get smart. Art is expression to be shared, not something to bilk someone with. Sooo obviously biased, and misinformed it's not even funny anymore Come on, have you at least read about the last ten years of internet history, if you weren't there to witness by yourself?

Torrentfreak, in one word if you have to start somewhere LOL, this post seems like a not-so-subtle nudge to force torrenters to switch to big-media controlled outlets. I'm sorry but I'm not biting. I have been torrenting since the days when there were only two BT clients Official and Shad0w's Experimental, remember those? TPB is a great site but it is by no means the only game in town. I currently use Kickasstorrents more than TPB. I had until recently used Newtorrents more than TPB.

I had at one time or other used isohunt, Supernova, and mninova more that TPB.